Dylan Farrow attacks Cate Blanchett by misleading her followers

Catte Blanchett said that social medias are not judge and jury

During an interview, CNN’s Christiane Amanpour questioned Cate Blanchett, saying: “How do you juxtapose being a #MeToo proponent, a Time’s Up proponent, and staying silent or having worked with Woody Allen?” Cate Blanchett answer was smart and measured:

“…if these allegations need to be re-examined which, in my understanding, they’ve been through court, then I’m a big believer in the justice system and setting legal precedents. If the case needs to be reopened, I am absolutely, wholeheartedly in support of that. Because I think that there’s one thing about—social media is fantastic about raising awareness about issues, but it’s not the judge and jury.”

Of course, this answer didn’t please to Dylan Farrow who always try to shame actors who have worked with Woody Allen. But when she’s always prompt to thank people who say they won’t work again with her father, this time Dylan, maybe a sign she was embarrassed and was hesitant about how to comment on Cate’s statement, waited one week before to tweet:

It wasn’t long before educated people remember her that the statue of limitations DOESN’T prevent her to take Woody Allen in civil court. One smart voice was Samantha Geimer who was raped by Roman Polanski when she was 13 years old and who has previously denounced how she felt used by Mia Farrow pursuing her own vendetta against Woody Allen:

There was also an interesting answer by Robert Weide who has written many articles about Woody Allen innocence:

A tweet by Justin Levine – who has written Rage & Debasement, an interesting article about Dylan Farrow’s sexual allegation videotape made by her mother Mia Farrow – was reminding that it is easier to win in a civil court:

Some others people remembered Dylan that if she had not changed her story regarding allegations of sexual abuse, criminal prosecution could even still be an option:

To be fair, people staying on Dylan Farrow’s side have also very very strong arguments:

So Dylan, how is it possible that you don’t know that you can take Woody Allen in civil court? Isn’t it legitimate for people to think that you know it very well but that you’re lying as you have already lied many times before?

And please, remember that if your brother Moses Farrow is dead for you, he’s still alive and cares for you:

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