Wonder Wheel – Kiss of Fire – Georgia Gibbs

Sung by Georgia Gibbs and used by Woody Allen in Wonder Wheel, Kiss of Fire original version is called El Choclo a popular song written by Ángel Villoldo, an Argentine musician. Allegedly written in honour of and taking its title from the nickname of the proprietor of a nightclub, who was known as “El Choclo“. It is one of the most popular tangos in Argentina.

Kiss of Fire by Louis Amstrong

El Choclo by Destiny Quartet

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    1. Yes, Kiss of fire by Louis Armstrong is great. I love Wonder Wheel too, it’s kind of my favorite from his last movies, especially I struggle a little to love Cafe Society. I saw Wonder Wheel in Japan, with Japanese subtitles! Aï! Fortunately, I already saw it one time before on my computer with English subtitles as sometimes I lost some words with my weak English. Years ago, I saw Speilberg’s Hook in Greece, my English was even weaker than now, I couldn’t understand the dialogues and the subtitles were in Greek! What a nightmare!

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