Tam Farrow erased from a photo with Mia Farrow and Hillary Clinton
Tam Farrow, who killed herself when she was 21 years old, was erased from a picture with Hillary Clinton, Mia Farrow, Ronan Farrow, Dylan Farrow

Shadows and Fog – Woody Allen

Shadows and Fog is a 1991 American black-and-white comedy film directed by Woody Allen and based on his one-act play Death. It was filmed on a 26,000-square-foot (2,400 m2) set at Kaufman Astoria Studios, which was the biggest set ever built in New York. It was also Allen’s last film for Orion Pictures.

Poster for Woody Allen's movie Shadows and Fog
Shadows and Fog is a 1991 American comedy-film written and directed by Woody Allen.



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Madonna/John Malkovich


The Cannon Song from Little Threepenny Music – Kurt Weill

Moritat from the Three Penny Opera – Kurt Weill

Prologue from the Seven Deadly Sins – Kurt Weill

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Shadows and Fog soundtracks.

Shadows and Fog: Critical Response


User Reviews (6.7)

“Shadows and Fog” is Woody Allen’s tribute to German Expressionism, and it’s very interesting, often funny, and at times downright strange.”

Rotten Tomatoes

On Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds an approval rating of 52% for 27 reviews. The audience score is rated 55% for 5000+ ratings.


On French AlloCiné, it gets 3.5/5 (spectators, 547 ratings).

Box Office

Domestic: $2,735,731


Clown: “We’re not like other people, we’re artists, you know with great talent comes responsibility.”

10 Things about Shadows and Fog

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