Adequate Emily is calling Woody Allen a pedophile.

AdequateEmily is Calling Woody Allen a Pedophile

According to AdequateEmily, a trans-woman, Woody Allen is a Creep who doesn’t Deserve Happiness. On her Twitter account with more than 8000 followers, she’s calling Woody Allen a pedophile and so do her wonderful followers.

Carl Beech, VIP paedophile ring accuser, jailed for 18 years

True Pedophiles Love to Hide by Calling Other Pedophile

Real pedophiles love to hide by accusing others of being pedophiles. John Charles Villers-Farrow, Mia Farrow’s Brother is a good example: he claimed that Woody Allen was going to be jailed but it’s him, now, who is in jail for sexual abuse on minor.