Mia Farrow said she was dating Sinatra when she was 16 years old

Mia Farrow Allegations (a thread)

Over the last few months there has been renewed interest in the Allen / Farrow saga, but the recent HBO documentary offered no real discussion about the questionable aspects of Mia Farrow’s life. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Carl Beech, VIP paedophile ring accuser, jailed for 18 years

True Pedophiles Love to Hide by Calling Other Pedophile

Real pedophiles love to hide by accusing others of being pedophiles. John Charles Villers-Farrow, Mia Farrow’s Brother is a good example: he claimed that Woody Allen was going to be jailed but it’s him, who was sentenced 25 year for abuse on minor.

Michael Wolff on Ronan Farrow

Michael Wolff on Ronan Farrow

The best-selling author of ‘Fire and Fury’ unveils his fly-on-the-wall account of some of the most preeminent — and notorious — figures of our time in ‘Too Famous’, including new insights into Ronan Farrow.

Jeffrey Epstein - Soon-Yi Previn - Woody Allen

Epstein and Allen Were Not Friends

Just because Epstein and Woody Allen are photographed walking on the same pavement – and not together – doesn’t mean they were friends. Even if they had been photographed together, it wouldn’t mean that they were friends.