Mia Farrow said she was dating Sinatra when she was 16 years old

Mia Farrow Allegations (a thread)

Over the last few months there has been renewed interest in the Allen / Farrow saga, but the recent HBO documentary offered no real discussion about the questionable aspects of Mia Farrow’s life. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Jeffrey Epstein - Soon-Yi Previn - Woody Allen

Epstein and Allen Were Not Friends

Just because Epstein and Woody Allen are photographed walking on the same pavement – and not together – doesn’t mean they were friends. Even if they had been photographed together, it wouldn’t mean that they were friends.

Gabrielle's Charm - @TigerBaby77- Twitter

@TigerBaby77 is a Winner

People calling Woody Allen – or people supporting his innocence with facts – “pedo” are always both silly and disgusting. But with Gabrielle’s Charm (@TigerBaby77) we got a true winner.

A defamatory tweet from Patricia Arquette as a comment on an other tweet slandering Woody Allen with lies and selective facts.

Patricia Arquette Lies to Slander Woody Allen

Patricia Arquette knows that Dylan Farrow is misleading all true survivors but still believes her and support her discredited sexual abuse allegation. Does she prefer White people to Asian and Jewish one?

Screenshot for a video where a sheep is opening the sink tap to drink water

Woody Allen Married his Daughter

If Woody Allen married his daughter, it means that in US you can marry your own child. How smart and educated are the people able to bleat such an enormity?