Confusing a prepubescent child and a teenager may suggest pedophilia

Pedophilia (alternatively spelled paedophilia) is a psychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children.

As everybody can see, when Christina Engelhardt dropped her phone number on Woody Allen’s table at legendary New York City power restaurant Elaine’s, in October 1976, she was certainly not prepubescent (even if the photo was shot few months later).

A modeling portfolio shot of Christina Engelhardt in 1977, the year after she began her relationship with Allen.
A modeling portfolio shot of Christina Engelhardt in 1977, the year after she began her relationship with Allen.

People calling Woody Allen a pedophile because of his alleged relationship with Christina could easily be the ones with pedophile inclinations

She was also sexually active and unfortunately, she says she had repeatedly been raped in the years before meeting Woody Allen, first by an older classmate, then on multiple occasions by a family friend.

So, what does it means when somebody is calling Woody Allen a “pedophile” because he allegedly have a sexual relationship with an underage  teenager or a barely legal one?

It means that he or she cannot makes the difference between a prepubescent child and a young woman. And that he or she could act with a prepubescent child as if this prepubescent child was a teenager.

And we already knew that real pedophiles love to hide by calling others pedophiles (Mia Farrow’s young brother is a good example).

Some tweets calling Woody Allen a pedophile or confusing a prepubescent child and a teenager

You can click on the tweets to comment them. By sharing this post for example.

One last thing: beside calling Woody Allen a pedophile, I didn’t read one tweet expressing compassion to Christina for having been raped many times.


In the same time, this account wants you know that a site who has been delisted from Google’s search results for hosting child pornography is still easy to find…

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Else Verwoerd
2 months ago

In her ‘The Hollywood Reporter” article, Christina – Babi – Engelhardt never claims that she was 16 when she had sex with Allen. You can bet that THR’s lawyers were very keen about what the article would, and would not claim. Please re-read that first section in the article, looking for facts about Engelhardt’s age when she (allegedly) engaged in an affair with Allen. The age is obfuscated, when it comes to their (allegedly) having sex. Three more arguments against the veracity of Engelhardt’s claims: 1, They were never acknowledged. Not by Woody Allen, not by Mia Farrow, who is… Read more »