Is Mia Farrow a Pedophile Like Her Brother, a Convicted Child Molester?

Mia Farrow has always hidden that her brother John Charles Villers-Farrow is a convicted child molester who spent 7 years in Maryland’s Jessup Correctional Institution for abusing two little boys over an 8 year period.

John Charles Villers Farrow, suggesting that Woody Allen is a pedophile,Mia Farrow's brother, was sentenced to 25 years in prison, with 15 years suspended.
John Charles Villers Farrow, Mia Farrow’s brother, was sentenced to 25 years in prison, with 15 years suspended.

Villiers-Farrow, who was given a 25 year sentence, which was turned into 10 years (he served only 7), made headlines in 1992 when he commented on the controversy surrounding sister Mia’s custody battle with Woody Allen, and Allen’s relationship with Farrow’s adopted daughter Soon-Yi. At the time, Villiers-Farrow told People magazine, Allen “is going to be indicted, and he’s going to be ruined. I think when all of it comes out, he’s going to go to jail.”

Villiers-Farrow accusation is not a surprise: true pedophiles love to hide themselves by accusing other people to be a pedophile.

Mia Farrow 2014 Tweet: "Is he a pedophile"
The facts in the Vanity Fair article have been fact-checked… by Mia Farrow.

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At least 2 Mia Farrow’s biological children have slept with their mother until 7 and 11

Fletcher Previn

In 1969, Mia Farrow got pregnant by Andre Previn while he was still married with her friend Dory Previn. (Dylan Farrow: did the Attic Abuse Allegation Came From a Song ?)

Mia Farrow gave birth to Matthew Previn and Sascha Previn (twins) in 1970.

Then, in 1974, she gave birth to Fletcher Previn.

She [Dr. Coates, learn about her in the Supreme Court document] said Allen once told her another of Farrow’s adopted children, Fletcher Previn, now 18, slept with his mother in the same bed until he was seven.

Miss Farrow later confirmed this in an argument with me,’ Coates said. ‘She said she felt there was a cultural difference about whether it was okay for a child to sleep in the same bed with his mother, but that Fletcher had slept with her and he was fine.’

Read the full story – Psychiatrist: Woody was committed to being a good father

Satchel/Ronan Farrow

Satchel/Harmon/Seamus/Ronan Farrow was born 1987 to Mia Farrow. Woody Allen is the presumed biological father. Rumors suggest that the biological father might be Frank Sinatra. Sure, Ronan Farrow can looks like Frank Sinatra but he also looks like her mother when she was young and she looks like… Frank Sinatra !

Ronan Farrow and his mother Mia Farrow when she was young.
Ronan Farrow and his mother Mia Farrow when she was young.

Furthermore, his “Sinatra’s Blue Eyes” are fake: he wears colored contact lenses to make his eyes a brighter blue.

Sinatra’s family doesn’t believe it or says it’s impossible.

According to Woody Allen’s autobiography, “Apropos of nothing”:

From his birth, Mia expropriated Satchel. She took him into her bedroom, her bed, and insisted on bread-feeding him. She kept telling me she intended to to it for years, and that anthropological studies have shown positive results from tribes where breast-feeding goes on most longer than on the Upper West Side. Years later, two very professional and perceptive women who worked in Mia’s house, Sandy Boluch and Judy Hollister, the first as babysitter and the second as housekeeper, described numerous incidents. Sandy reports sometimes seeing Mia sleeping in the nude with Satchel (now Ronan) a number of times till he was eleven years old. I don’t know what the anthropologists would say about that, but I can imagine what the guys in the poolroom would say.

The source is Daphne Merkin who interviewed the housekeepers for Introducing Soon-Yi Previn:

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Woody Allen has been investigated for months by two teams of experts on sexual abuse and cleared two times. Nobody has investigated Mia Farrow. Not yet.

Woody Allen is not the only one called a pedophile by Mia Farrow

Mia Farrow calls Michael Jackson a pedophile
Mia Farrow calls Michael Jackson a pedophile

Fortunately, there are still intelligent and cultured people to denounce the dictatorship of social networks acclaimed by the Farrows and those like them who make false accusations their business.

6 Comments on “Is Mia Farrow a Pedophile Like Her Brother, a Convicted Child Molester?”

  1. Give me a break. Breast feeding her own kids, her kids sleeping in her bed.. uhuh. Imagine if she Married one of her kids. Kind of wildly different yes? Won’t be at all surprised if this isn’t published given this sites fanatical ravings. Won’t be back, creepy.

    1. Why do you think Kat forgot that Mia Farrow was naked and Ronan 11 when they slept in the same bed ? And why do you think she wrote “imagine if she Married one of her kids” when Soon-Yi Previn wasn’t Woody Allen’s daughter ? Is she smart enough to believe that in US you can marry your own child ? Does she sleep naked with her children too ?

      Woody Allen and Mia Farrow have a 12 years relationship. But they were never married and never lived together. Woody Allen lived in his apartment on Fifth Avenue. Mia Farrow and her kids lived on Central Park West. In fact, Woody never once stayed over night at Mia’s apartment in 12 years.

      Not only the daughter of André Previn isn’t Allen’s daughter or stepdaughter, but he was never a paternal figure for her when she was a child, as confirmed both by Soon-Yi, the Supreme Court (justice Wilk) and even Mia Farrow.

  2. Mia Farrow showed her true colors with her tweet against Michael Jackson. Both Jackson and Allen won in court and they were cleared, both Allen and Jackson were the subjects of two biased documentaries full of lies and inconsistencies. Jackson’s Estate won a slander case against HBO exposing the two new accusers as certified liar. Why Mia is insisting at accusing innocent men? How long would last her malignant behavior? I just hope she’s fearing to be exposed, soon.

    1. Mia Farrow has a complex with Maureen Orth who has written both “10 Undeniable Facts About the Michael Jackson Sexual-Abuse” and “10 Undeniable Facts About the Woody Allen Sexual-Abuse” : she wants slander both of them, too ! At least, she didn’t “check” the facts for Michael Jackson as she did for Woody Allen

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