Tam Farrow erased from a photo with Mia Farrow and Hillary Clinton
Tam Farrow, who killed herself when she was 21 years old, was erased from a picture with Hillary Clinton, Mia Farrow, Ronan Farrow, Dylan Farrow

Is Mary Trump Very Smart or Hypocrite ? Is she Racist?

According to Wikipedia, Mary Lea Trump (born May 3, 1965) is an American psychologist, businesswoman, and author. She is a niece of former president Donald Trump, and has been critical of him and the Trump family. Her 2020 book about him and the family, Too Much and Never Enough, sold nearly one million copies on the day of its release.

Mary Trump believes Dylan Farrow

Is it because her uncle has a ten seconds scene in Woody Allen’s Celebrity…

… that she believes Dylan Farrow ?

But, believing Dylan Farrow is not enough for Mary Trump: just like Dylan Farrow she needs to slam the actors working with Woody Allen.

20 minutes and Mary Trump has lost respect for Mia Farrow

The day after she allegedly learned of her child’s molestation, Mia Farrow made a date with the costume designer of Allen’s next film (Manhattan Murder Mystery).

She accused me of child molestation on August 4th, right?” Allen told “60 Minutes” that November. “And August 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th — you know, the week after, she’s fully saying, ‘When do we begin our new movie? I’m going for my costume fitting next week’ . . . And I said, ‘Are you kidding? You’re accusing me of child molestation, and you think we’re just going to go on with the movie? . . . This is insane.’ ” (the video below begins directly with Woody Allen speaking about Mia Farrow still expecting to make a movie with him after she has accused him of child molestation):

The fact is confirmed by Kristi Groteke in her book, “Mia & Woody: Love and Betrayal” pg 225: “She had just accused her lover in public of molesting their daughter, and she expected that he would overlook this while they made a movie together. Get real, Mia.”

Eventually, Woody Allen told his lawyer to inform her that she has been replaced by an other actress (Diane Keaton).

Is Mary Trump racist?

Very smart or hypocrite, is Mary Trump also racist?

If you read her Twitter profile, you learn that Black Lives Matter for Mary L. Trump.

Of course, she’s right and WAML applauds and share her humanity. However, what about Asian Lives Matter too ?

Three Dylan Farro's Asian siblings are dead, two took their own life.
Lark Previn died from AIDS at 35 in poverty, Thaddeus killed himself at 27, Tam Farrow killed herself at 21.

Mia Farrow has adopted seven Asian children: Soon-Yi Previn and Moses Farrow have reported multiple abuses by their mother, Lark Previn died from AIDS at 35 in poverty (Mia Farrow Net Worth = $60M), Thaddeus Farrow killed himself when he was 27 (his full name was Thaddeus Wilk Farrow to thank Justice Wilk who ruled the custody trial in favor of Mia Farrow), Tam Farrow killed herself when she was 21.

What do you think Dylan Farrow says about her Korean sibling Moses Farrow who has reported multiple abuses by Mia Farrow?

Dylan Farrow: “My brother is dead to me”.

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