An Open Letter to Dylan Farrow by Nina Gleize

Nina Gleize has written a beautiful letter to Dylan Farrow on Twitter.

I hope one day you will reconcile with your innocent father since you both loved each other strongly and, sadly, the bitterness and despair of others came to separate you two.

I can fully understand the survival reflex of projecting your hate and anger on your dad. You built your personality and structured yourself this way, which was probably the only way for you, since nothing was easy from the very beginning. You also found a family this way, a meaning. But on the long run, it can never give you peace nor happiness nor fully resolve your heart. Woody would fall and it wouldn’t be enough for you. Never enough to repair something maybe even older than your adoption. Something that only you can control and decide. It is obvious for me that you love your dad as much as you accuse him. It is a cry for help and recognition towards him and maybe your biological father too, and the entire world. Hate is just the other side of a bitter love, an undetached love, a selfish love, a childish love, still a potential real love…

You’re trying to love yourself through this hate and accusation. To exist. The idea that there was no molestation could make this whole fragile psychological structure collapse. You need this molestation. You need this enemy. You need this hate. I really hope one day you won’t. You’ll reach real Love behind these vain battles. Moses Farrow should be your inspiration. As well as the incredibly awesome movies of your father (which will survive us all), the greatest painter of American soul, of modern spirit with its light and shadows, its failures and its chances. I sincerely wish you to free yourself from this prison of hate and victim hood. To free yourself from the idea of a perfect childhood, perfect parents. To free yourself from everything but what’s eternal in each of us. To sublimate your suffering the way Woody Allen does and which makes him invulnerable in front of all this adversity. And when this beautiful miracle will happen we won’t know it on social medias since it will happen in the intimacy of your heart, exactly where you won’t need any public recognition and shouting to feel completely connected and loved.

I hope one day you will simply have the courage and the wisdom to go and talk to your dad. We should all pray for this to happen before it is too late. This is what would really make you someone great and inspiring and the only gesture that would benefit you and the world… Then, you will be much more than a victim or an activist. Activism starts at home. We can’t do much for others as long as we are not in peace first in the home of our own heart and family. Today, people encouraging you in any hate and denunciations are just projecting their own unresolved issues on you. They are doing nothing for you nor for themselves nor for the world. Some are also trying to promote their image and fame through you…

Deep down in the most unalterable part of your heart you know all this already and much more. I wish you, like all of us, to reach this land of love, peace, forgiveness, detachment. The greatest conquest of human kind. You may need to go through fire before. It’s not an easy path that leads to heaven. But you’re already gone through a good part. I trust fate about this law. Fate… which seems to have chosen you. Good luck.

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