10 Worst Facts About Mia Farrow

This is an excerpt from 40 Undeniable Facts About Mia Farrow. Following a fact will directly open the full  version to the related fact in a new tab.

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10 Worst Facts About Mia Farrow

2. Mia Farrow became pregnant by A. Previn when he was still married with D. Previn.

7. Mia Farrow cheated on WA with Frank Sinatra.

8. Mia Farrow hit Soon-Yi on the face and the shoulders and cut up her clothing.

12. Mia Farrow was agree to show in court the nude photographs of Soon-Yi Previn.

14. Mia Farrow representatives asked to S. Nelkin to say she was 15 when dating Woody Allen.

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16. Mia Farrow videotaped Dylan’s sexual abuse allegation in many days.

18. When a copy of the videotape landed at a television station, Mia Farrow and the police were the only ones who had copies.

24. The Yale report concluded that Mia Farrow could have coached Dylan Farrow.

29. Mia Farrow has adopted too many children to take care about them and favored the biological ones.

33. Tam Farrow, died from suicide at 21 after one final fight with her mother Mia Farrow.

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