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Mia Farrow videotaped Dylan in many segments and many days and took her two times to the pediatrician before Dylan told him that Woody Allen had touched her private parts in the attic.

Woody Allen : Fact 10/20
Woody Allen : Fact 10/20

According to the Supreme Court document, Dylan Farrow never said that Woody Allen took her to an attic before Mia Farrow videotaped her.

Because she was already uncomfortable with Mr. Allen’s inappropriate behavior toward Dylan and because she believed that her concerns were not being taken seriously enough by Dr. Schultz and Dr. Coates, Ms. Farrow videotaped Dylan’s statements. Over the next twenty-four hours, Dylan told Ms. Farrow that she had been with Mr. Allen in the attic and that he had touched her privates with his finger.

The nanny Monica Thompson testified in sworn affidavits that “the tape was made over the course of at least two and perhaps three days. I was present when Ms. Farrow made a portion of that tape outdoors. I recall Ms. Farrow saying to Dylan at that time, ‘Dylan, what did daddy do . . . and what did he do next? Dylan appeared not to be interested, and Ms. Farrow would stop taping for a while and then continue.”

Not only the tape had undeniably been stopped and restarted several times, but there was even a splice. In her book, Mia & Woody: Love and Betrayal, page 127, Kristine Groteke, who admitted that she praised Farrow as a devoted parent while disparaging Allen as rude and antisocial, wrote:

“There was a splice, Mia explained, that cut out some tape inadvertently capturing Dylan’s private parts, and which, Mia felt, was “inappropriate” to show. The tape had undeniably, however, been stopped and restarted several times.”


All experts on sexual abuse, even the one payed by Mia Farrow, criticized the videotape.

Dr. Stephen Herman, called and payed by Mia Farrow.

Dr. Herman, told the court that he considered “unfortunate” that Mia, and not an objective and trained evaluator,  videotaped Dylan’s testimony, mainly because the way she focused on specific things could possibly “set a tone for a child about how to answer. I think it could raise anxieties of a child.” In short, he said “I don’t think it helps matters, I think it complicates matters.”


Dr. Anne Meltzer, called and payed by Woody Allen.

Judge in Woody-Mia child custody case airs anti-Allen views.

Meltzer, a psychologist who has testified at more than 200 trials, said the videotape was the first in her experience ever produced by a parent. Meltzer also said it was ‘unusual’ for a child to talk about molestation soon after it occurs.

They generally feel badly about it and they are told not to tell. It often results in delayed disclosure,’ she said.

Wilk, as he has often done during the trial, asked the witness several questions, including whether she thought Dylan might have made up the account because that is what she thought her mother wanted to hear.

I think that’s possible,’ Meltzer said.


Richard Marcus, formerly head of the Manhattan Sex Crimes Unit, payed by Woody Allen.

Richard Marcus doubts Woody abused adopted daughter

Marcus said that such leading questions as, ‘What did he do? Did he take your underpants off‘ and such statements as, ‘After touching you, he said…’ smacked of ‘prompting or reminding the child of what she said previously.’

He described it as a form of ‘rehearsal’ so that subsequent investigators ‘will start with a very worked-over trail.’


Linda Fairstein, director of the first sex crimes unit in the US.

Note: Linda Fairstein was not involved in the custody trial.

Linda Fairstein was director of the first sex crimes unit in the US. Until 2002 she oversaw the investigation of 1000 of allegations of child and sexual abuse. About #DylanFarrow abuse by #WoodyAllen, she says “I have no reason to believe it happened.

“When the story came out that Mia had videotaped Dylan”—in eleven segments shot at different times in different places, one nude in a bathtub, others outside showing her topless—“it sounded to me like one of the craziest things I’d ever heard. On every level, it’s the last thing you would do. First of all, videotaping her naked while asking again and again about what happened. Why are you exposing your child to these videos that someday will possibly be in the hands of the public or in the courtroom? That fact alone set off every alarm.”
VIDEO – Linda Fairstein’s take on Dylan Farrow’s open letter


According to the Dr. Leventhal who headed the Connecticut investigation, it was possible that Mia Farrow encouraged her child to fabricate simply by videotaping her telling the story, because Dylan liked to perform.

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Woody Allen Sex Abuse Allegation: 20 Undeniable Facts
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