Fact 17 – Woody Allen 20 Undeniable Facts

Moses Farrow was present before, during and after the alleged event. His testimony supports Woody Allen’s innocence and confirms that his sister Dylan has been coached and brainwashed by Mia Farrow.

Woody Allen : Fact 17/20
Woody Allen : Fact 17/20

Fact 17

In May 2018, Moses Farrow who is now a family therapist, wrote a long essay about his family and Woody Allen, defending his father against sexual molestation allegations and describing repeated spankings by his mother and other abuse, and what he called “a deep and persistent darkness within the Farrow family.”

Three excerpts:

“I was present for everything that transpired in our house before, during, and after the alleged event.”

“During the custody hearing, my mother kept stressing how we needed to stick together as a family. Frightened and beaten down, I, too, played my part. I even wrote a letter condemning Woody, saying that he had done something horrible and unforgivable, and had broken my dreams. I even read the letter for the news media that were now regularly gathered at the end of our driveway, knowing that doing so would earn my mother’s approval. That public denouncement of my father remains the biggest regret of my life.”

“At the time, of course, I knew nothing about the six-month criminal investigation conducted by the Child Sexual Abuse Clinic of the Yale/New Haven Hospital, ordered by the Connecticut state police. But since this allegation was renewed a few years ago, I’ve seen the results of that investigation. It specifically concluded that “Dylan was not abused by Mr. Allen,” that her statements had a “rehearsed quality” and that they were “likely coached or influenced by her mother.” Those conclusions perfectly match my own childhood experience: coaching, influencing, and rehearsing are three words that sum up exactly how my mother tried to raise us. I know that Dylan has recently referred to this brainwashing theory as “spin” by our father – but it was nothing of the sort. It was not only the conclusion reached by a state-ordered investigation, it was the reality of life in our household.”

It was not the first time that Moses Farrow was writing about his family. In 2014, four days after Dylan Farrow published her open letter in The New York Times on Feb. 1, thanks to Nicholas Kristof, Mia Farrow’s very close friend, Moses Farrow had spoken to People magazine, in support of Woody Allen. In September 2017, in a new book about Woody Allen’s film career by Eric Lax, Moses contended that his mother was emotionally manipulative and physically abusive.

In 2018, after Dylan interview on TV, Moses tweeted :

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Woody Allen Sex Abuse Allegation: 20 Undeniable Facts
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