Toxic Femininity : Rose McGowan and Asia Argento

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Argento, McGowan and Woody Allen

Asia Argento and Rose McGowan share many things, not only toxic femininity. Both are third class actresses who dreamed to be a star, both are using MeToo for their self-promotion, both have attacked and slandered Woody Allen on Twitter.

Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan Filet Dress t
As you can check, Rose McGowan has always relied only on her talent to try to become a famous actress…

There is now a full article about Rose McGowan : learn about Jill Messick’s suicide, Rose McGowan working with Victor Salva, a convicted and registered sex offender, then defending him, Rose McGowan trying to defend Asia Argento paying her underage victim,  Rose McGowan throwing party in support of Brunei-owned Beverly Hills Hotel (in Brunei, same-sex sexual activity is punished of death by stoning), etc.

You vile little worm
Rose McGowan is insulting Woody Allen


A child rapist is completely funded by Amazon Stutio
Rose McGowan who has been indicted in June 2018 for cocaine possession slander Woody Allen: even Dylan Farrow doesn’t use the word “rape” for her ALLEGATION

Asia Argento

Ronan Farrow has defended his sister in tribunal: a very stupid lie by A. Argento
A very STUPID LIE by Asia Argento: see the traduction below

English translation from Italian: Ronan Farrow has defended in court his sister, sexually abused by his father Woody Allen, still unpunished. Well, not at all: Ronan Farrow was 4 years old when the sexual abuse allegation happened. And 5 years old in 1993 when the trial court was ruled.

Asia Argento and Rose McGowan are ready to falsely accuse and slander innocent people

Woody Allen was investigated for months by two separate team of experts on child abuse from two different states: they found no reason to charge him.

Mia & Dylan Farrow - New-Haven hospital, Sexual abuse evaluation
Mia & Dylan Farrow – New-Haven hospital, Sexual abuse evaluation.

Yale Haven reportNew York State child welfare

In May 2018, @MosesFarrow with his new essay A SON SPEAKS OUT has confirmed one more time that his father Woody Allen didn’t abused her sister Dylan:

“I was present for everything that transpired in our house before, DURING, and after the alleged event.”

Moses Farrow also confirmed that his mother Mia Farrow was abusive with her children.

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