Tam Farrow erased from a photo with Mia Farrow and Hillary Clinton
Tam Farrow, who killed herself when she was 21 years old, was erased from a picture with Hillary Clinton, Mia Farrow, Ronan Farrow, Dylan Farrow

AdequateEmily is Calling Woody Allen a Pedophile

According to her YouTube account, AdequateEmily (she/her), a filmmaker, trans woman, and just overall cinephile discusses media and how it affects her, and how its made.

Adequate Emily on Twitter

Woody Allen is a Creep who doesn’t Deserve Happiness

AdequateEmily has also a Twitter account (@AdequateEmily) with more than 8000 followers. And an Instagram account with 180 followers.

On October 2020, she twitted:

She got the following answer:

Woody Allen is a Pedophile

Few minutes later, AdequateEmily tweeted:

It wasn’t the first time that AdequateEmily was slandering Woody Allen:

No one, even Dylan Farrow, has ever accused Woody Allen to be a rapist.

Calling Woody Allen a pedophile is defamatory: after many months of investigation, Dylan Farrow’s allegation has been found no credible by two independents teams of experts on sexual abuse (Connecticut, New York) and Moses Farrow, present on August 4, 1992, has confirmed that the abuse never happened.

Mia & Dylan Farrow - New-Haven hospital, Sexual abuse evaluation
On October 7, 1993, a second independent 14-month-old investigation, from the New York State child welfare, cleared a second time Woody Allen. Moses Farrow, present on August 4, 1992, confirmed that the abuse never happened.

Woody Allen “has been accused of wrongdoing only once, by an enraged ex-partner during contentious custody negotiations. During almost 60 years in the public eye, not one other person has come forward to accuse him of even behaving badly on a date, or acting inappropriately in any professional situation, let alone molesting a child.” – Moses Farrow, A Son Speaks Out

Is AdequateEmily a Pedophile?

True pedophiles love to hide themselves by calling other pedophiles. AdequateEmily’s tweet slandering Woody Allen by calling him a pedophile has been added to True Pedophiles Love to Hide by Calling Other Pedophile.

Is AdequateEmily Racist?

As facts and American justice say Woody Allen is not a pedophile, why AdequateEmily is still calling him a pedophile?

Why does she support the Farrow lies and doesn’t believe Soon-Yi Previn and Moses Farrow? Is it because Dylan, Ronan and Mia are White people and Soon-Yi and Moses Asian people?

Or is it because Woody Allen is a Jew? Is AdequateEmily anti-semitic?

Three Dylan Farro's Asian siblings are dead, two took their own life.
Lark Previn died from AIDS at 35 in poverty, Thaddeus killed himself at 27, Tam Farrow killed herself at 21.

False Accusations Should be Sanctioned

On AdequateEmily’s Twitter profile, on October 30, 2020, you could read: “Filmmaker, Video Essayist, Film Buff, User of Commas | She/Her | Patreon: http://patreon.com/AdequateEmily.”

We think Peter Robukian was right and we support him when he tweeted:

Right now, AdequateEmily finds this idea very funny… Right now.

AdequateEmily has Great Followers

Usually people have the followers they deserve. You just need to read the comments on this tweet to check what kind of people is following AdequateEmily. But the winner for stupidity is certainly Floornine:

Not only Floornine is silly enough to bleat that in US you can marry your own child but he’s mixing Woody Allen and Roman Polanski!!!

And he’s really sure that in US you can marry your own child:

Updated. Floornine even sent a tweet to Mia Farrow!

Updated: AdequateEmily is Very Proud to Falsely Accuse People

This is AdequateEmily hypocrite tweet after she read this article:

Replacing the word “accuser” by “victim” is part of the dogma for mob trial and #MeTooWitchHunt apologists.

Did AdequateEmily has already falsely accused someone? Or does she plan to do it? Or both?

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As already pointed out, AdequateEmily’s followers look like her in every way: