Tam Farrow erased from a photo with Mia Farrow and Hillary Clinton
Tam Farrow, who killed herself when she was 21 years old, was erased from a picture with Hillary Clinton, Mia Farrow, Ronan Farrow, Dylan Farrow

15/20 – Maco’s Full Statement Contradicts his “Probable Cause”

Prosecutor Frank Maco’s full statement contradicts his claim to have a “probable cause” (he never said which one) to prosecute Woody Allen.

Woody Allen : Fact 15/20
Woody Allen : Fact 15/20


Prosecutor Frank Maco never said what the “probable cause” was

Frank Maco never said what the “probable cause” was, nor in 1993, nor in 2014. Anybody reading the full statement instead of isolating “probable cause” understand that the true reason Frank Maco wanted to “avoid the unjustifiable risk of exposing a child to the rigors and uncertainties of a questionable prosecution” was because “even Justice Wilk, in doubting the success of a criminal prosecution and working in the framework of an evidentiary standard less severe than proof beyond a reasonable doubt, could not definitely conclude that sexual abuse had occurred.”

In others words, Maco was sure to loose against Woody Allen: he had zero evidence and even his own experts against him.

When a prosecutor has evidence someone is a pedophile and could hurt more children, he doesn’t let him gone free because he doesn’t want to drag his victim through the trauma of a trial, he prosecutes him.

Woody Allen Asks Connecticut to Discipline Prosecutor:

Current and former prosecutors said they could not see Mr. Maco’s basis for rejecting his own experts. They also questioned why he kept the case open until more than six months after the hospital delivered its report.

Woody Allen sued Maco: a panel judged Maco’s actions to be “was inappropriate, unsolicited and potentially prejudicial” and also “violated the prosecutor’s obligation to the accused. The case ran until 1996. Maco was suspended for much of that time, losing his living, and costing the states hundreds of thousands of dollars in defence.

Next and Previous Facts

In 1992, Moses Farrow said that he believed her mother Mia Farrow had made up the sex abuse accusation against Woody Allen.

Woody Allen : Fact 16/20
In 1992, Moses Farrow was already saying that the sexual abuse allegation was fabricated by Mia Farrow

According to Supreme Court, Woody Allen’s “grossly inappropriate” behavior wasn’t about sexual abuse and it is unlikely it could be successfully prosecuted.

Woody Allen : Fact 14/20
WoodWoody Allen’s “grossly inappropriate” behavior wasn’t about sexual abuse

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This post is an excerpt from Woody Allen Sex Abuse Allegation: 20 Undeniable Facts. Read all the facts now.

Woody Allen : 20 undeniable facts about the sexual abuse allegation
Woody Allen : 20 undeniable facts about the sexual abuse allegation